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Location: 台北市​

Type: Residential

Area: 37坪​


The site is an old apartment with low beams and a poorly lit and ventilated dining room in the center of the space. We changed the original four-bedroom into a three-bedroom layout to reorganize the areas to meet the living function. We also created the kitchen with an open plan to provide adequate lighting and good ventilation.

The curves trims and wraps the beams, as well as the curved lines and grooves increase the rhythm of the space, allowing the light and shadow to show a more diversified three-dimensional effect between the twists and turns. The three-dimensional concept connects the public area, perfectly linking the three main areas of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The curves naturally and softly decorate the space with a light-colored paint and textured materials, allowing the strokes of light and shadow to leave a vivid look.

This project integrates the practical residential function and takes the concept of aesthetic embellishment function as the core. The theme of minimalism is also applied to maintain the consistency and harmony of the space.

03 樂湁-天母-s-15n.jpg
02 樂湁-天母-s-21n.jpg
01 樂湁-天母-s-37n.jpg
04 樂湁-天母-s-22n.jpg
08 樂湁-天母-s-24n.jpg
07 樂湁-天母-s-23n.jpg
10 樂湁-天母-s-25n.jpg
09 樂湁-天母-s-38n.jpg
11 樂湁-天母-s-26n.jpg
12 樂湁-天母-s-20n.jpg
13 樂湁-天母-s-41n.jpg
15 樂湁-天母-s-40n.jpg
16 樂湁-天母-s-42n.jpg
17 樂湁-天母-s-46n.jpg
18 樂湁-天母-s-47n.jpg
20 樂湁-天母-s-44n.jpg
19 樂湁-天母-s-45n.jpg
21 樂湁-天母-s-43n.jpg
22 樂湁-天母-s-29n.jpg
23 樂湁-天母-s-30n.jpg
26 樂湁-天母-s-32n.jpg
24 樂湁-天母-s-34n.jpg
27 樂湁-天母-s-33n.jpg
29 樂湁-天母-s-27n.jpg
30 樂湁-天母-s-28n.jpg
31 樂湁-天母-s-31n.jpg
32 樂湁-天母-s-02n.jpg
33 樂湁-天母-s-04n.jpg
34 樂湁-天母-s-03n.jpg
36 樂湁-天母-s-07n.jpg
37 樂湁-天母-s-06n.jpg
44 樂湁-天母-s-10n.jpg
43 樂湁-天母-s-09n.jpg
38 樂湁-天母-s-14n.jpg
40 樂湁-天母-s-12n.jpg
42 樂湁-天母-s-11n.jpg
45 樂湁-天母-s-18n.jpg
47 樂湁-天母-s-17n.jpg
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